Marshall Class 5 Head + Cabinet


Marshall Class 5 Head + Cabinet


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Model: Marshall Class 5

Kind: guitar amp + cabinet

Type: tube - 2 x ECC83 + 1 x EL84

Power: 5 W

Speaker: 1 x 12" Celestion G12C

Channels: 1

Controls: bass, middle, treble, volume

Inputs/outputs: input, phones, 2 x speaker out (8, 16 Ohm)


Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Standard (2 x Gibson Classic 57 pickups)

Mic: Shure SM57

Recorded in RME Babyface.



Мost often the position of the guitar adapters is changed from bridge to neck. (can be heard)

Тhe amplifier adjustments are aligned.

Here you can check the corrections depth of this amp:



Player - Alexander Nakov

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