review (In The Mix) - Mapex Saturn / Mapex Saturn, 14x5.5'' snare


Drums: Mapex Saturn


Kick: 22/20″ / Shure Beta 91 (Remo Powerstroke)

Snare: Mapex Saturn, 14x5.5'' / Shure Beta56A

Tom: 12/9″ / Sennheiser e905 (Remo Pinstripe)

Tom: 13/10″ / Sennheiser e905 (Remo Pinstripe)

Floor: 16/16″ / Sennheiser e905 (Remo Pinstripe)

Cymbals: Sabian

Hi-Hat: AAX stage 13"

Crashes: Sabian AAX X-plosion, 16", 18"

China: Sabian AAX China 17"

Ride: HHX Evolution 20"

Overheads: 2 x Sennheiser e914


Special thanks to the player - Dimitar Panchev!


You can hear the drums with the band in this live, video sessions here: - Riffeljack - "Best Before" - Riffeljack - "Mash"


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