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Band info

Gabana is a band from Plovdiv founded on the 6th of February 2000 – the day the first rehearsal took place. The musicians make songs of their own since the verybeginning. Gabana’s music is a complex mixture of its members’ different preferences but its basic structure is very simple – pure rock’n’roll.

* In the middle of 2012 the outstanding Angel Dyulgerov (guitar) and Stoyko Milev (bass) enter Gabana, replacing original bass player and co-founder – Walrus (Ivan Dinev). With this new line-up the band is now in recording sessions for their second LP due to come out in mid 2013.

The story

“…I will never understand why the name “GABANA” responds so correctly to the undefined style of the band. Even on our first rehearsal, we felt an emotional peak in the center of the triangle we formed, although we couldn’t play a single note…” - (Viktor Stambolov – vocals/guitar)

The concerts

Gabana is a LIVE band which tours extensively. There are few major clubs in Bulgaria which Gabana missed – in major cities and smaller ones. The total of the band's shows exceeds 500 for the past 12 years.

International shows include several appearances in Serbia - clubs in Belgrade - "Atom", "Living room SKC", Nis - "Feedback", Bor - "G-spot", Pirot - "Tvrdjava" etc.

Gabana was a headliner at the "Plana demo fest" Serbia 2009-2010, “Great Dyonisus” festival 2007, “Plovdiv rock” – 2000 – 2005, and took part at the following: “Spirit of Bourgas” ’08; “Tangra Mega Rock Live 2 ’06; “Seattle Night 6” ’06; “Berckstock” ‘05(opening for The Exploited); “Brumfest” ’01.