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In the beginning it was the music that gathered them...

In the spring of year 2005 the name Affection comes in to the world from the pages of a dusty old dictionary. In tandem of the qualities of three highly spirited characters the name becomes an affectioned calling. Affection towards the world, the music and its own existence...
At the end of 2005 the band finishes recording of the hit 'Do you have tears', and in 2008 releases the first album, 'White' - 7 pieces sung completely in bulgarian and recorded with a lot of struggle. The album synthesizes the modern alternative rock sound of the 70's.A lot of different styles have been listened, incorporated and mixed by the band musicians.
The lineup then is: George Yonkov - guitars, vocals; Tex Bishop - bass, vocals and Huben Hubenov - drums, vocals. Affection wins two prizes from the pop-rock festival in the city of Nesebar in 2006 and 2007, 3rd and 2nd place respectively. The jury likes the song 'In the Dark' the first time, and they are taken by 'Seeing' the second.
After the release of the first album Tex, and few months later Huben leave the group. The lead vocal and guitarist George Yonkov gathers the new members George Willow - bass, vocals and Chris Sword - drums without losing the momentum gathered by the group so far. The fans have not been dissapointed.
After Tex's comeback at autumn 2009 the final looking of the band is formed. Today they stand in front of new opportunities, waiting to be realized. The frequent plays at clubs around the country are important part of the group's lifestyle and contributes to the growing popularity of the band nationwide. At this new stage of the band's life new ideas come to life, waiting to be shaped rather soon.
If somewhere, somehow, you happen to be near where Affection is playing - go and see them, they will be glad that you are there and will make you be a part of the feeling to be connected to their music - Affected!
Let the Rock and all its nuances continue to give us strenght to live.

The truth is out there!